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Join our team as we travel around the world and spread the love of Christ.

What do we do?

Experimental Missions

  • Embark on an XMA mission trip and experience the joy of sharing Jesus with the hurting and hopeless around the globe.
  • Encounter both the physical and spiritual needs of people in remote areas, and empower them to live a better life.
  • Engage in ongoing projects that have eternal benefits, long after you leave.

Expert Guides

  • XMA’s team of experienced trip leaders excel at ensuring your safety and security, expediting logistics, planning, and partnership.
  • With over 25 years of excellent experience traveling with mission teams, we have the necessary resources to ensure all essential best practices are being followed.
  • Our expert trip leaders provide effective training for your team, so you can have a energizing missions experience.

Eternal Rewards

  • Our primary mission is to see people all over the globe experience the saving faith of Jesus Christ and explore Him more deeply.
  • We invite our trip attenders to enthusiastically proclaim the message of the Gospel into areas where few may have gone.
  • We pray that these experiences will lead to life and heart change in our attenders, as well as in those who hear our message.

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