Speak the
word of God!


How often we take for granted our opportunity to read or listen to the Word of God!

Here in the States, we are blessed to have multiple versions of the Bible, in multiple formats (written/audio), as well as radio and podcasts to listen and learn. But for a vast number of people in remote areas of the world that isn’t the case. Some live in Gospel restrictive countries, while others live in areas where illiteracy is a major problem.

The  Miskito area of Nicaragua is one of those regions where we are investing time and resources sharing the Gospel. Twenty years of revolution and war left many with the unfortunate inability to read. XMA is providing AudiBibles in these areas to help share God’s Word. Each AudiBible is loaded with the New Testament in their heart language, as well as some music and simple Gospel truths. Each one is hand-delivered by individual team members like you, in an effort to saturate each home with the Word.

These solar-rechargeable devices are often the only way for these people to hear and begin to understand the Bible. When an individual receives one it is seen as a treasure in their hands. Your gift of just $40 will provide a device to a home in a community with little or no Gospel influence. It will also open a witnessing opportunity.

Is God calling you to give to this endeavor? Or perhaps you would like to take part in this monumental task by coming along on a trip? Will you join us in praying for God’s blessing on this project?

Watch as Horacio hears the word of God in his heart language!

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