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The Workers Are Few…

It has been a year since EMIH started. If you haven’t heard of EMIH, it stands for Intercultural  Missionary Training School. EMIH is a 2.5 year program designed to prepare future missionaries for the struggles, demands, and challenges of being a missionary.

The Bible tell us in Matthew 9 that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. We believe that many do not fulfill the call because they do not feel prepared, and many don’t stay on the field because they were not prepared for the challenges they face.

Would you help us train these twelve future missionaries? For $50 a month you can support a single man or woman such as Diosana Benitez from Santa Barbara, Honduras. For $100 a month you can support a married couple such as Eddy and Jessy from Lempira Honduras.

You can donate by clicking the button below or mailing a check to XMA with a note stating that the donation is for EMIH.  Thank you!

Upcoming Trips

A church planters baptizes a new believer in the Moscow Canal.

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