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42 Requests from Around the World – David*

In June, the second phase of the Africa project trained and certified 28 new fitness coaches in Nigeria and Ghana. From this training, a 6-month group consultancy cohort had their first business coaching meeting last week. Many coaches have seen their membership sales triple because of the new market differentiation that the Totalfit brand and messaging on optimal health has provided. During monthly cohort meetings, mentors from America and Sri Lanka are taking new coaches through a Totalfit playbook on how to establish a fitness business. The goal of the program is to increase income and impact. The next training in Africa is scheduled for October 2023. Here are some pictures and testimonies of what’s happening on the ground. 

There are 42 requests from all around the world, where groups need Totalfit’s products and services but cannot afford them. If you have a particular passion for a specific region or people group, you can make Totalfit training affordable for your partners through philanthropic investments. 

This month, a team of six fitness coaches in Armenia started the customized business consulting with Totalfit to open a new Totalfit gym to reach their nation.

A week ago, Totalfit Performance, in partnership with Reach Training, brought a Speed Lab training to baseball academies in the Dominican Republic. The training taught coaches and players from DR, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, and the US how to accelerate in speed from base to base and in life from one season to another.

A video shoot of a new online course on nutrition has been completed. Through this 15-video course, coaches will have the opportunity for continued education, competence development, and access to high-quality online course materials. This course is on schedule to launch in September 2023. 

August 8-12, I will be facilitating a group of disciple-making fitness coaches from across America in Carlsbad, California at a conference. Please remember this in your prayer time.  

In September I will be teaching at an International Sports Leadership School in South Africa as well as teaching at another school in India where I will train twenty fitness instructors on how to make disciples through fitness using Totalfit.  

Blessings all! 

*Name changed for security

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