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A Hard Calling – Eli Reddick*

A friend recently asked me how my personal time with Jesus had been. I responded with, “It has been really good…but Jesus just got arrested!” I was joking with him because I was reading John 18 at the time. You know the story. Jesus was betrayed, arrested, slapped in the face, and taken to Pilate for execution even though he was innocent. A criminal was set free while Jesus was sentenced to death. What injustice! What unfairness! All at the hands of the religious leaders.

I’ve read this story countless times and know it all too well. I was really trying to read it from a new perspective and not just read it in its familiarity. What was the heart of Jesus in this event? Of course we know it is a fulfillment of prophecy and part of God’s plan for redemption, but how can I, who already believe that’s true, take it to heart and apply it to my life today?

This was Jesus’ calling. His purpose. It was hard and it wasn’t pretty. Sometimes, our calling is much the same. We get judged, questioned, ridiculed, mocked by the world…and by others who call themselves Christians as well. People often question my willingness to go to hard places to share the gospel. How can I do it? 

I can do it because it is my calling. My prayer is to walk it out no matter how hard it will be. Lord, give me perseverance and strength to face the opposition that comes against me, to share the truth about Jesus to the world, and give you the honor and glory for it!

Don’t give up on your calling because it is difficult! People are counting on you! Give it to God. Jesus, as a human, didn’t give up on his calling. Just think where we would be today if he had.

*Name changed for security purposes

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