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Are You Listening?

 If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit. – Galatians 5:25

As a parent raising two children under the age of 10, I find myself asking this question often, “Do you see anything beyond the end of your own nose?” My children, like most, seem to be totally consumed with themselves, with no real understanding that anyone or anything else is going on around them. They live totally by and for themselves. If many of us adults were honest, we would have to say that we live the same way.

Most of us live solely from and for ourselves. We fail to recognize that the presence of God is in us and with us through Christ. As part of His presence with us, He is speaking to us, guiding us into all righteousness. However, we often fail to listen.

Scripture is filled with examples of God speaking to His people. Yet, we often view these interactions as extraordinary, failing to realize that God is active in speaking to us. Dallas Willard writes of these encounters, “Aside from their obviously unique historical role, however, they are not meant to be exceptional at all. Rather, they are examples of the normal human life God intended for us: God’s indwelling his people through personal presence and fellowship. Given our basic nature, we live – really live – only through God’s regular speaking in our souls and thus ‘by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

God is speaking. Are you listening?
Reflection:  Do you feel like you are hearing from God? If not, think of a time when you did and consider what may have been different about your posture toward God at that time.
Prayer:  Lord God, you have given us your Spirit as a reminder of your presence with us and as a voice to speak your will into our lives. O Lord, keep us sensitive to His speaking. Amen.

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