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Fix Your Eyes on Him – Kate Maverick

As I was walking along the path today, I wondered where all the other pilgrims were?  Why had we not seen anyone else all day?  And were they in a place enjoying something we were not?
God spoke in a very clear and distinct way that I was not to be concerned with where other people were along life’s journey.  I was to fix my eyes on Him and follow. 

The above was an entry from a journal I kept as I walked the Portuguese Way, a portion of the Camino de Santiago, in Spain last year.  The purpose of our adventure was to walk a portion of the Camino building relationships, sharing our faith, and praying for the people we met along the way.   We accomplished that, and so much more!

We happened upon some other believers from Portugal along the path and had a wonderful time of sharing our lives, our walk with God, and our burdens for our own countries and the nations.  As we joined together in prayer, each in our own heart language, we were truly blessed by the moment of being brought together as the Body of Christ.

Along with the amazing experience of meeting other believers, we met with God in a very real and intimate way.  Walking the Camino was a journey that was harder than I anticipated but far better than I could have ever imagined.

Would you like to join a pilgrimage, pray, share your faith, and meet God along the way? Join us on the Camino de Santiago in April or June. Contact for more information.

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