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Kilambé Mountain – Terry Parks

Ulices & Marbeli Jarquin live on the edge of the Kilambé Mountain Natural Reserve in Nicaragua. They have become faithful members of the church plant in Plan de Grama. On a recent follow-up visit with Issac checking on the progress of the church construction we traveled to Ulices’ home for an afternoon visit. He and his wife live in Laguna Verde, one of four small villages just outside of the large town of Plan de Grama.

Flor de Pino, Las Alturas, and Santa Rosa are the other three, and we have not visited any of these locations with teams sharing a Gospel message. The mountains surrounding the area are incredibly beautiful, with scattered coffee plantations and other fruit bearing trees. Plans are in place to begin reaching these communities in the coming months. Pray for open receptive hearts as we go and I invite you to join on an Adventure!

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A church planters baptizes a new believer in the Moscow Canal.

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